Our School

Loveworks Child Care Centers are dedicated to providing a warm and enriching child care experience for children ages six weeks through five years old.

We appreciate all you are doing at Loveworks. The improvements you have made to the space are great, and we love all of the people that you have brought onboard! Our child really enjoys himself, and we are so happy with how things are going.
— From a current parent

Loveworks was created in 2016 as a new branch of the Heartworks, Renaissance, and Endeavor Schools organization. The first Loveworks Child Care Center was opened in January, 2017 in Montpelier, Vermont. Loveworks Montpelier is an employee sponsored center with National Life Group.

Loveworks offers year-round programs for children six weeks old through Pre-Kindergarten. All classes offer excellent loving care along with activities to enhance fine and gross motor skills, language development, learning through discovery, social and emotional skills, and plenty of explore and outside time. 

The name Loveworks was selected to highlight the love that is experienced when working with young children, and to accentuate wanting all children to feel love in their heart and share that love with others. This is emphasized daily through our character development, where children learn about kindness, friendliness, respect, compassion, cooperation, and manners. Children learn to care for each other, including all living elements in nature as well as care of property. At Loveworks Child Care Centers, children will know they are loved and that love with shine from their hearts.

Our Program:

Classes are organized around monthly themes with age-appropriate discussions and enrichment activities. Children in the Pre-kindergarten classes are engaged in Kindergarten readiness skills necessary for entering Kindergarten, including pre-reading, writing, and math skills, as well as social and emotional readiness. 

In keeping with our philosophy, we believe it is important for children to explore outside every day. Loveworks Centers have an outdoor play space with a variety of swings, slides, climbing apparatus, and green space. Some locations have access to many wonderful fields, parks, hiking trains.   

Read about a typical day in a classroom.

Meet Our Staff

Our Loveworks teachers are experienced and kind; most are state-certified with degrees in Elementary or Early Childhood Education. Teachers differentiate instruction to meet the distinctive learning needs of each child and they guide children to recognize their unique potential, while maintaining a compassionate approach.  Within small classes, teachers strive to model exemplary character and curiosity, spark each child’s interest in learning and help each child to be successful as she or he navigates the world.