Lisa Zengilowski

Heartworks School was founded in 1988 by Louise H. Piché and Diane Rooney as a private, nondenominational,  home-­based preschool in Shelburne, Vermont. As the Heartworks community in Shelburne grew larger, the need for an elementary school became clear. In 1994 Renaissance Elementary School was established as an independent elementary school. Renaissance School is located at  Shelburne Farms and enrolls children from Kindergarten through fifth grade.

By 2004 Heartworks had grown to encompass three Heartworks Preschools, including Heartworks Burlington, Heartworks Williston, and Heartworks Shelburne. In 2011 Heartworks Shelburne moved to its current location on Shelburne Road, and in September of 2013 Lisa and Paul Zengilowski assumed ownership of the schools. 

Paul and Lisa have a long and rich history with the schools that began when their children, Gregory and Allison, attended the Heartworks and Renaissance Schools through sixth grade. 

Impressed with the philosophy and values of these programs, Lisa joined the Heartworks leadership team in 2002 as the first School Director for Heartworks Williston and held that position from 2002-2012; she was instrumental in growing the school from four classes to nine classes including expanding to Kindergarten through Second grade classes during 2003-2007. In 2011, she assumed operational responsibility for all Heartworks Preschools, a role she held until assuming ownership in September, 2013.

In the fall of 2014, Paul and Lisa expanded the program on the Shelburne campus to include children six weeks old through 23 months of age, known as the Shelburne Infant/Toddler program. In 2014 the Heartworks Stowe program was created, as well as the Endeavour Middle School, a stand-alone program, grades sixth through eighth at Shelburne Commons.

In 2016, Loveworks Child Care Centers was created as a new branch of the Heartworks, Renaissance, and Endeavor Schools organization. Loveworks was created to provide outstanding care to families looking for full time, year-round child care. The first Loveworks Child Care Center was opened in Montpelier in January, 2017 as an employee sponsored center with National Life Group.