Tuition Information

Tuition Payment Policy

Loveworks Child Care Centers remain committed to quality, values-centered education. Similar to any other school, it has expenses and financial responsibilities that must be met on time. Therefore, the following tuition payment guidelines must be met:

  • Tuition payments are due weekly by 5:00 PM on Thursday for the upcoming week's tuition. Checks can be placed in the tuition box at Loveworks, or you may choose to pay through ACH electronic payments. Families are always welcome to pay up to four weeks of tuition ahead of time.

  • A deposit equal to one week of tuition will be due upon enrolling at Loveworks. If the deposit is not received by the date listed in your Enrollment Agreement, you may forfeit your space at Loveworks.

  • A $30 late fee will be due for all late payments, returned checks, and bounced ACH withdrawals.